Saturday, February 27, 2010

iPod Touch!

I have a iPod touch and I LOVE it! Apple has deffinatly done a great job on this one! They come in 8gb, 16gb, and 32 gb. They range in price anywhere from $200-299.

I have a 8gb iPod. I LOVE it! I have 715 songs, 2 music videos, 200 pictures on my iPod and I STILL have about 4gb free on my iPod. The apps are great, there are SO many to choose from. My favorite app is the game "Pacman". They have 1,000's of free apps, and also 1,000's of .99 (and above) apps. The battery life is GREAT I can go about a week without having to charge it sometimes. I also like the style of it, it isnt bulky. I have dropped my iPod a few times and it still works great! The only problem I have with it is, it will not allow me to use facebook on it. I love the ease of being able to upload music and pictures. They make SO many covers and accessories for the iPod touch, I'm not sure where to begin! My favorite is the hard covers (because i drop mine so much), but they also have soft covers that come in all different colors.

I think Apple could have done a better job with the headphones they send with the iPod touch, but other than that there is nothing I would change.

I would recommend this to everyone.

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