Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yellowbox Flip Flops

Last summer, while mom and I were back-to-(home)school shopping, we came across a sale on Yellowbox flip flops at Belk and decided to try them out. They come in a ton of crazy, funky, fun designs to fit almost anyone's personality.

The cost ranges from about $20-25, unless you can find them on sale. If you ask me they are deffinately worth the price (but I wasn't the one paying this time). What I really like about them is that they are SUPER comfortable, I always feel like I can walk 12 miles when I am wearing them. I love the super fun colors and animal prints, they match about anything I have in my closet. I wore mine almost every day for about a year before the soles started wearing down (and they were still comfortable to walk in). Another good think about them is they don't leave blisters on my toes like some cheaper brands have.

The only bad thing about these flip flops is that my mom always ends up stealing them from me.

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