Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book Review-Will the World End in 2012?

I chose to review the book Will the World End in 2012 by Raymond C. Hundley Ph.D.
from Booksneeze because I am very intrigued by the end of time predictions. 

I really enjoyed reading this book it was very interesting.  Each topic is discussed and given reason as to why or why not the prediction can happen.  This is easy for the average person to pick up and understand.  It gives you the scientific evidence of a prediction or the lack there of. 

This book is written from a Christian stand point.  All of the evidence is presented but ultimately it gives the reader a choice to decide where they stand on each of the end of the world predictions.  I think this book is good for anyone who may have questions about all of the 2012 predications.  As a Christian it is our responsibility to be prepared for the end of  time, whether it be December 21, 2012 or tomorrow. 

As a blogger I was given this complimentary copy to review.  The above opinions are mine and are honest.

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